What to expect after joining ADfits as a Publisher or Blogger


After signing up as a Publisher or Blogger, you'll go through the process of achieving 100% Publisher Power and unlocking 10 free loyalty campaigns.  

1) Achieve 100% Publisher Power

What does 100% Publisher Power do? It's like Kryptonite! Hehe, actually 100% Publisher Power VERIFIES you as the owner of the website. You'll also unlock and get access to 10 FREE campaigns (worth more than $1,565 in value!).

QUICK TIP: Publisher Power also impacts your myScore, which affects your ranking in the LEADERBOARD (the leaderboard is where you can see how your site ranks against other sites in the marketplace). So make sure to get 100% Publisher Power to boost your site's ranking!

2) Grow Your Followers (OPTED-IN vs ORGANIC)

Once you've added the JavaScript tag to your site, you'll see the super sexy myREWARDS widget appear - WOOHOO! Now, you can start acquiring "opted-in followers" (with their email address included!) - these are people who sign up via the myREWARDS widget on your site . You can also acquire "organic followers" - these are people who follow you via their myREWARDS login (i.e. organic followers haven't signed-up via the widget on your site). Both kinds of followers impact your ranking in the leaderboard!

myRewards Widget - Sample of what your site visitors will see.

REMEMBER: Followers are important because you'll be able to build your walled garden and see the brands your audience is following. This will attract more advertisers to your site and improve your targeting abilities. To get more opted-in followers, encourage people on social media to follow your site via the myREWARDS widget on your site!

3) Earn Revenue with Loyalty Campaigns

Your success must come first! This is why we don't charge a single penny for launching your first 10 campaigns. That's right, you'll earn thousands before we even make a dime. You'll also get in-depth reports for every campaign helping you prove the ROI on your client's ad spend.

myRewards Loyalty Campaign - Sample of what your site visitors will see.

Example ADfits myRewards Loyalty Campaign

IMPACT: With audience loyalty campaigns you'll not only earn NEW revenue, but you'll also get more traffic to your site over the course of a five-day campaign. Not to mention all the buzz you'll generate on social media by rewarding your audience!



Feel free to drop us a line via email or send a tweet to @ADfits if you have any questions. We're here to help you succeed with the ADfits Marketplace! :)


Jennifer Williams
Your Chief Success Manager

Email: info@adfits.com
Twitter: @ADfits

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