Welcome to the ADfits Gamification & Loyalty Blog!


Welcome to the ADfits Gamification & Loyalty Blog!

Whenever we reach our goals, it is by looking back we realize how far we've come along. The goal itself is achieved and is a cause for celebration, but we often don't realize that the goal was a culmination of small steps in-between, and it's those smaller steps put together that make the overall goal achievable. Each step brings you that much closer to your destination, but each step also requires persistence, determination, and the will to continue pushing forward, even in the face of obstacles, setbacks, and delays.

As a start-up, we've also come a long way in our journey which is why we're super stoked to finally launch the ADfits Gamification Blog! This might sound like a simple goal to many of you... afterall, how difficult is it to launch a blog these days? Well, as I mentioned above, it's not just about the launch of our blog, but it's the smaller steps in-between that finally helped us reach this point. Allow me to explain...

When we first started out, it was a simple idea inspired by The Story of Amare. We then scrambled to create our brand identity, develop a minium viable product, demo it to potential customers, get some feedback from users, and put together a basic one-pager website to tell the World that we exist and were open for business. For those of you who've read The Lean Startup, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. But as you're going through this lean phase, you also come to realize that a minimum viable product (MVP) must eventually evolve to a more polished product (MPP?). I'll discuss this idea more in a later post... but in essence, our ultimate goal from the MVP stage was to 1) figure out our value proposition, 2) iron out our go-to-market strategy, 3) create a proper website with an active blog, 4) polish the product i.e. make it shine! and 5) 'officially' launch with some press coverage and initial customers.

So yes, our goal was to get a blog up, but not without completing the necessary steps before it. We simply felt that completing the value proposition and go-to market strategy phase was necessary so that the blog could have a real identity, a concrete personality, allowing the brand to permeate through it's blog voice. Now that we're ready to welcome you to our blog , let's start off with some:

Blog Goals & Objectives

As with any digital initiative, it's always important to start with some high-level Goals & Objectives. For the ADfits Gamification & Loyalty Blog, our goal is to write about the following topics relating to digital advertising, gamification, and loyalty:

  1. Cutting-Edge Case Studies on Ad Gamification & Loyalty
  2. How-To Articles relating to ADfits, myREWARDS, Gamification & Loyalty
  3. Announcements on Upcoming Releases for the ADfits Marketplace
  4. Interesting Advertising News & Industry Trends/Research/Stats
  5. In-depth Reviews & Opinions on: Books, Products, Platforms, and Campaigns
  6. And of course, Start-up Life in general... wins, losses, growing pains, etc.

The objective for the above topics is to rank well for certain keywords that potential publishers and marketers may be using in search engines to find solutions like ADfits. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to pull in some organic traffic to your blog. SEO is a mixture of art and science, combined with a little best practices to appease Google's enigmatic algorithm.

With these blog goals in mind, we also need to measure and track our success. Here are some important:

Measures of Success for a Blog

Let's start with basic metrics at the top of the funnel and work our way down to the conversion KPIs:

  1. TRAFFIC: Visits Trend
  2. ENGAGEMENT: Pages per Visit & Time Spent on Site
  3. AMPLIFICATION: Social Shares & Comments
  4. DOWNLOADS: Whitepaper/Case Study Downloads
  5. SIGN-UPS: Joined as a Publisher / Sponsor / User or Newsletter Sign-Up

With the above blog goals and measurement framework in mind, let's offically mark the launch of the ADfits Gamification & Loyalty Blog! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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