ADfits Launches Loyalty-Driven Marketplace to Help Publishers Build Walled Gardens around their Audience


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November 2016

Media Contact: Ali Shah, Founder & CEO

ADfits Launches Loyalty-Driven Marketplace to Help Publishers Build Walled Gardens around their Audience

New Marketplace from ADfits offers Publishers in USA, Canada, and U.K. a Free Beta Program to earn revenue first with 10 loyalty-driven campaigns.

Toronto, ON. — Publishers who need to expand revenue streams due to declining print revenue and ad blocking now have a solution. ADfits, a Toronto-based startup, uses proprietary technology to help Publishers build walled gardens around their audience, and launch loyalty-driven campaigns that reward, delight, and captivate readers while deeply satisfying the growing ROI needs of brands and small business advertisers.

The ADfits Marketplace empowers Publishers with first-party data insights into their reader’s brand preferences and enables Publishers to attract revenue for exclusive loyalty-driven campaigns that drive quantifiable sales and in-store traffic for Advertisers. In initial tests, these acquisition campaigns delivered: 13x performance versus traditional banner ads; increased dwell time by 342%; and generated loyalty with daily repeat traffic to a Publisher’s site. Campaigns are mobile responsive, HTML5, and also account for cross-screen attribution. ADfits provides Publishers with full support, white-labeled sales/marketing collateral, and a compelling framework to quickly start earning revenue from these loyalty-driven campaigns.

What sets the marketplace apart even further is the fact it’s not accessible via existing AdTech and is fuelled by the network effect of opted-in Consumers.

“Having spent a decade working with site analytics and campaign measurement, I know first-hand how important issues like ad blocking, ad fraud, and proving ROI are to Publishers and Marketers,” says Ali Shah, Founder, and CEO of ADfits. “When we created the ADfits Marketplace, it was a priority to ‘reimagine’ the AdTech ecosystem and design a new business model from the ground up; a model built on the foundation of loyalty, personalization, and customer acquisition. We developed a fully transparent solution that creates a ‘Golden Triangle’ between Publishers, Advertisers, and most importantly, today’s Empowered Consumers. Since I personally know how difficult it is to prove the ROI on new technology and digital ad spend, we’re challenging Publishers to test drive the marketplace and earn revenue first, by launching their first 10 campaigns for free.”

Within minutes, Publishers can create their ADfits account, start building a walled garden around their audience, and launch loyalty-driven campaigns. To join the Free Beta Program and earn revenue first, visit

To see how loyalty-driven campaigns work, visit

About ADfits

ADfits is spawning a new era in digital advertising with the world’s first loyalty-driven ad marketplace. We reward audiences for their Site and Brand loyalty and cut through the noise of marketing with deeply immersive audience experiences. Innovative Publishers use ADfits to launch loyalty-driven acquisition campaigns that create new revenue streams, grow site traffic, and deliver quantifiable ROI to brands and small business advertisers. For more information and to view our press kit, visit

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