KPIs Compared: ADfits Loyalty Campaigns vs. Banner Ads


KPIs Compared: Banner Ads take 60% cut of Publisher Ad Revenue

KPIs Compared: ADfits Loyalty Campaigns vs. Banner Ads

It was John Wanamaker (1838-1922), a successful merchant in the United States who was famously quoted as saying:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

The same could be said about Online/Digital Advertising. With so many advancements in this space in terms of targeting, retargeting, and measurement, why is the average click-through rate performance of a banner ad an abysmal 0.09%?!?! (Google). Forget wasting half the money; banner ads are a complete waste of ad spend for Advertisers. It's no wonder Marketers and Brand Advertisers are struggling to prove the ROI on their digital media spend. Publishers and Bloggers also suffer when up to 60% of their ad revenue is eaten up by all the middle-men (AdTech Tax - see chart above). It's time to stop the bleeding!

This is why we're on a mission to change the World of Advertising, and it starts by enabling Publishers to build walled gardens around their audience through loyalty-driven ad campaigns. Simply look at the table below to see an example of how ADfits Loyalty Campaigns compare against Banner Ads in terms of KPIs and Metrics delivered:

Key Metrics Banner Ads 1.0 Loyalty-Driven Campaigns 3.0
Total Impressions Served 1,000,000 1,000,000 (x5 with engagement)
Customer Interactions (0.09% click-through rate) 900  900
Customer Interactions x5 days loyalty N/A 4,500
Customer Reminder Emails Acquired & Sent N/A 4,500
Customers Acquired (based on 500 loyalty cards budget) N/A 500
Social Amplification (viral positive sentiments) N/A 215
Future Rewards (opted-in retargeting) N/A 424
Repeat Site Visits (site loyalty) N/A Yes

So what would you rather do... tell a client that you generated 900 clicks on a banner ad or 4,500 interactions with 500 customers ready to buy their products? When was the last time a banner ad worked this hard for you and helped you build loyalty in the process? Has a banner ad ever delivered such rich analytics and deep engagement? 

People are fed up with online ads that are intrusive, annoying, slow network connections, and creepily follow you around the Internet. With Ad Blocking usage on the rise, Publishers are losing revenue and Brands are having a difficult time generating ROI on their media spend. Loyalty-driven ad campaigns represent a fundamental shift in the way sites monetize traffic and brands reach Consumers. This simple table of KPIs illustrates the power and effectiveness of loyalty-driven campaigns.  

Say hello to myRewards - the World's first Loyalty-Driven Ad Marketplace

Build a walled garden around your audience and start establishing new revenue streams instantly. 



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