How to Offer Your Clients & Launch Loyalty-Driven Ad Campaigns in 4 Easy Steps


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Okay, you may be wondering... what the heck are "loyalty-driven campaigns"???

Loyalty-driven campaigns have one primary purpose... to drive loyalty!

For who? Your Site and your Advertiser. When you launch an ADfits' loyalty-driven campaign, the default widget on your site automatically turns into a reward offer for your audience. Here is an example of what a loyalty-driven campaign looks like:

loyalty-driven ad campaigns ADfits myRewards

In the above scenario, WebStarNews is the Publisher/Blog and McDonald's is the Sponsor offering $5 for five consecutive visits to WebStarNews. When your audience sees this offer, they can either click the widget to collect their first dollar OR if they visit the site every day anyway, they can passively see their progress to day 2 = $2, day 3 = $3, etc. until the card is full and it's time to redeem their loyalty reward. If readers click the widget, they can also save their reward across all their devices with their email address.

Here are the benefits of loyalty-driven campaigns from ADfits & myRewards:

  1. Loyalty-driven campaigns generate PREMIUM revenue. The industry average for acquisition campaigns is $10-15 per customer acquired.
  2. Loyalty-driven campaigns get people coming back to your site over and over again making your content memorable in today's noise
  3. Sponsors get maximum repetitive exposure for their brand, plus real customers ready to spend their earnings with the brand
  4. Your audience has fun and develops a vested interest in the experience while spending more time on your site
  5. Both Publishers & Sponsors can grow their email list with opted-in participants 
  6. You gain rich insights into the brand preferences of your audience, allowing you to attract repeat advertising dollars with better targeting

Offering this unique advertising opportunity is super easy. Simply join ADfits as a Publisher, verify your site in the marketplace, pitch a campaign to one of your clients, and launch a campaign in four easy steps. These turn-key loyalty-driven campaigns can be used on your site, on microsites, for native ads, and even Twitter parties (where you can prolong the giveaway component and also generate product trial or in-store traffic for your Sponsoring client). 

Download this deck to immediately start offering your clients a new way to advertise online. Go beyond banner ads and vanity metrics like impressions and clicks. Amaze your clients by delivering quantifiable ROI and sales. Keep them coming back for more! 

Build a walled garden around your audience and start establishing new revenue streams instantly. 



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