How to Build Your Walled Garden and Grow Your Site's Followers in the ADfits Marketplace


Publishers Walled Garden

To start building your walled garden and attract more Followers, simply make sure you have 100% Publisher Power and VERIFY yourself as the site's owner by adding the JS tag and acquiring at least 1 opted-in follower via the myRewards widget on your site/blog. 


Opted-In Followers follow you via the "Standard myRewards Widget" on your site. The "Standard myRewards Widget" is the default state of the widget when there is no active reward campaign on your site.

myRewards Widget on Your Site - Sample of what your site visitors will see.

NOTE: Your own site URL and logo will appear in the example below.

Standard myRewards Card and Widget for attracting Followers

When your audience sees this Card, they can "opt-in" to follow you (without leaving your site.) The "Standard myRewards Card" helps you grow followers in the marketplace while also growing your email marketing list (now that's a win-win!). You can also encourage users to follow you by Tweeting directly from your Publisher account.


Organic Followers follow you via their myRewards login. These folks didn't sign up on your site, but they started following your site "organically" when they signed up to join myRewards (see screenshot below).

myRewards Login - Organic Followers

Organic Followers on mRewards from ADfits Loyalty Marketplace

Organic followers have not officially opted-in, so their email addresses are hidden from view under your myFollowers Report. But don't worry, once they engage with you via a campaign, they'll be converted into opted-in followers too!


Whenever you launch a campaign, the "Standard myRewards Widget" will automatically convert the widget into an Active Campaign. Campaign Followers follow you via an active campaign on your site. When your site's visitor decides to participate in a campaign by collecting their reward, they automatically follow you and the Sponsoring brand in the myRewards Marketplace (see sample campaign below):

myRewards Loyalty Campaign - Sample of what your site visitors will see.

ADfits Loyalty Campaign - Attracting Followers in the Marketplace

Campaign Followers are pretty much the same as "opted-in followers" i.e. they opt-in to participate in the campaign. Their email address will appear under your myFollowers Report in the Publisher Portal.

5 Reasons Why You Need More Followers!

  1. Followers make it easier to attract more advertising dollars.
  2. Followers provide their email address to help you grow your list.
  3. Followers provide insights into their brand preferences for better targeting.
  4. Followers help you go viral with social media amplification.
  5. Followers boost your myScore which impacts your site's ranking in the LEADERBOARD.

How will my site's followers help me attract revenue & loyalty campaigns?

Okay, let's say you join ADfits as a Publisher/Blogger and build up 537 followers, or maybe you're a superstar and acquired 3,493 followers! In either case, you now have insight into what your followers like in terms of their brand preferences. Take a look at the screenshot below which you can also access under myFOLLOWERS when you login to your Publisher account

Top Sponsors my Audience is Following on myRewards

Sponsors/Ad Agencies can now see if your audience prefers their brand and can target your site with loyalty campaigns. If ADfits brings the Sponsor, you earn revenue for every reward card that gets redeemed. Alternatively, if you bring the Sponsor and already have the client relationship, you can charge your client as much as you want. This is why we want you to earn revenue first by offering you the first 10 loyalty-driven campaigns absolutely FREE!  

By gaining insight into your audience, you can always approach the brand/Ad Agency or your clients and tell them:

"Hey Brand XYZ, my site's audience loves you! I have 789 people in my audience who want to earn rewards from you. Want to run a campaign?"

This conversation with Sponsors/Ad Agencies is a lot easier when you are armed with data about your audience and their brand preferences. They will be more likely to respond and will take your audience more seriously. This is also how Facebook succeeded i.e. by building a walled garden around their audience and mining what they 'like.' Sponsors benefit from loyalty-driven campaigns because they're able to acquire real customers and can prove the ROI on their ad spend. Compared to banner ads, an ADfits campaign delivers amazing ROI and rich analytics for every campaign. 

Getting more followers is super easy!

Keep the myRewards widget active on your site and encourage your readers to follow you!
Whenever someone signs-up via the myRewards widget, their myRewards login, or via an active campaign, we'll notify you! 

Pretty simple, right?

Build a walled garden around your audience and start establishing new revenue streams instantly. 


Feel free to drop us a line via email or send a tweet to @ADfits if you have any questions. We're here to help you succeed with the ADfits Marketplace! :)


Jennifer Williams
Your Chief Success Manager

Twitter: @ADfits

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