How to find the JS code for my Site on ADfits - myRewards


The JS code for your site is necessary to display the standard opt-in card for your site visitors. The standard opt-in card helps you acquire and grow your followers in the ADfits marketplace. If you achieved 100% Publisher Power but missed copying the JS code for your site, here is a blog post that explains how to easily find the JS code/tags for your site or blog.

Step 1: Login to your Publisher Portal

Visit the Publisher login page, enter your username and password, and login to your Publisher Portal for ADfits - myRewards. As soon as you login, you'll arrive on the mySITES page where you can manage ALL of your sites in the ADfits Marketplace.

Step 2: Click on the pencil to Manage your Site/Blog

Once you're on the mySITES page, click on the pencil on the far right under the column "Manage" to edit the details of your Site (see screenshot below). 

ADfits - Manage Your Sites

Step 3: Click on the orange button "SHOW JS TAG"

On the top right corner, you'll see an orange button labelled with "SHOW JS TAG". Click on this button and an overlay will appear.

Show JS Tag and Code on ADfits myRewards

Step 4: Copy & Paste the JS code to your site or blog

On the overlay, you'll see a box that contains the unique JS code for your site/blog. Remember to copy and paste the code in its entirety as it contains unique ids that help identify your site/blog in the ADfits Marketplace. 

How to find the ADfits JS code

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where should I place the JS code on my site or blog?

Ideally, the JS code should be placed towards the top or middle of all your article/post. If you have enough room on the side bar, you can also paste the code there. The space required for the widget is 375 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall. So wherever you decide to place the JS code, make sure there's enough room to accommodate the widget to help deliver a seamless user experience. 

Why is the standard opt-in widget not appearing?

Some sites or blogs show all their posts on one single page i.e. every post is visible in its entirety on the home page and visitors can scroll through all posts right from the home page. If your site resembles this setup, the widget will not load. In order to make the widget appear, there can only be one instance of the JS code per page. If the JS code appears multiple times on one page, nothing will appear on your site/blog. To fix this, consider condensing your posts so that only a certain portion is visible with the option to "continue reading" the full post on its own page. 

What can I do to get more opted-in followers?

Promote it! Tell your audience about this new program, encourage them to follow you via the opt-in card, email your list, let your potential clients know about this new offering, and of course, spread the love on Social Media by using our built-in "click to Tweet" amplification message. The more people that follow you, the higher your ranking will be on the LEADERBOARD. Also, make sure all your site details are up to date with clear and visible logos and accurate profile details.

Build a walled garden around your audience and start establishing new revenue streams instantly. 



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