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ADfits New Teaser Demo Video for Publishers

Woohoo! We simply love celebrating small milestones. While we're knee-deep in development sprints for onboaring publishers and new users, we have been simulataneously working on our new demo video!

What causes disruption?

What causes disruption?

Industry disruption can appear out of nowhere. To be clear, I'm not referring to disruptive "trends" like Pokemon Go, or startups appearing trendy because of PR notoriety. When talking about disruption, I'm referring to the disruption of entire industries... the disruption of taxi (Uber), disruption of banking (FinTech), disruption of education (Khan Academy), disruption of mobile phones (Apple), disruption of ad-tech (ADfits) <-- yes, we do believe that what we're working on has the potential to be highly disruptive!

How the Rise of Ad Blocking will be the Death of Banner Ads