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ADfits is the world's first loyalty-driven ad marketplace. ADfits aims to spawn a new era in digital advertising by rewarding audiences for their Site and Brand loyalty. This represents a fundamental shift away from traditional online ads. ADfits is not part of the AdTech ecosystem. We are creating a 'Golden Triangle' between Publishers, Advertisers, and today's Empowered Consumers. 


Our mission is rooted in the following Manifesto:

  1. We believe in empowering People with REAL advertising value.
  2. We believe in enabling Publishers to earn MORE revenue through loyalty.
  3. We believe in delivering quantifiable ROI on a Brand’s media spend.
  4. We believe in building a Loyalty Marketplace focused on beliefs 1 to 3, forming a 'Golden Triangle'.
  5. We believe in pioneering new business models outside the current AdTech eco-system.
  6. We believe in performance-based results, where shared success is true success.


We have hands-on experience with the difficulty of proving ROI for online advertising campaigns. While it has become easier to target, retarget, and programmatically launch ad campaigns, the AdTech ecosystem, however, is plagued with problems such as ad fraud, bot traffic, viewability, and now the growing use of ad blockers. It seemed clear that there should be a fairer and more equitable value exchange between Publishers, Advertisers, and today's Empowered Consumers. ADfits was conceived on a white board in November 2013.


Nov 2013 ADfits Incorporated
Jan 2014 Initial Designs & User Experience
Feb 2014 Development Started
Jul 2014 Minimum Viable Product
Nov 2014 Research & Feedback
May 2015 ADfits 1.0 Released
Aug 2015 Initial Publisher & Agency Demos 
Nov 2015 Design & User Experience Iteration
Feb 2016 First Campaign Launched to Users for Feedback
Apr 2016 Established ADfits Advisory Board 
Jun 2016 myRewards Brand Launched
Jul 2016 Demo Videos Released
Oct 2016 ADfits 2.0 Released
Nov 2016 ADfits Launches in Beta 

Beta Launch

ADfits is launching in beta on November 14, 2016. Users are being invited to join the myRewards platform, and Publishers are being offered a FREE Trial to test drive the ADfits Loyalty Marketplace with 10 free campaigns. Based on user feedback, ADfits will continue to evolve and grow the marketplace for Publishers, Advertisers, and Consumers.


ADfits is a team of three people headquartered in Toronto. Ali Shah is the Founder of ADfits and has over 15 years of experience in marketing research, digital analytics, teaching, and a previously failed mobile marketing startup called BubbleFinder. ADfits is self-funded with a $100K investment and is keeping a number of VC investors up to date on progress, user traction, and growth.


Ali Shah is the Founder of ADfits.

Ali Shah Founder & CEO of ADfits myRewards

Logos & Brands

Like the logo, the first two letters are always capitalized and along with 'fits' should be typed as one word: ADfits

ADfits Logo Purple 900 wide
Like the logo, the first two letters are always lowercase and along with 'Rewards' should be typed as one word: myRewards
myRewards from ADfits Logo 900 x 360

CONSUMERS: myRewards Platform (screenshot)

myRewards Screenshot - ADfits Loyalty Marketplace

CONSUMERS: Campaign for Earning Loyalty Rewards (screenshot)

myRewards Campaign for Earning Loyalty on Sites You Visit

CONSUMERS: myRewards Demo Video

PUBLISHERS: Account Portal (screenshot)

Publisher Portal myRewards - ADfits Loyalty Marketplace

PUBLISHERS: Default Widget for Acquiring Site Followers (screenshot)

Publishers: myRewards Default Widget for Acquiring Site Followers



For all press inquiries, please contact:

Jennifer Williams

Direct: 1+ 647-328-8001