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ADfits is on a mission to make digital advertising more rewarding for Innovative Publishers, High Growth Brands, and most importantly, today's Empowered Consumers.



Once upon a time, in the small village of Caledon, an ambitious young man named Amare started up his own newspaper. People tried to talk him out of it. They said it was impossible to grow market share from Publishers who had been around for many, many generations. But Amare didn’t listen. He had a different plan. He would grow his newspaper by launching unique and deeply engaging ad campaigns that his readers would love and keep coming back to.

The first campaign was a pressure cooker puzzle that had five pieces. Each day, Amare’s newspaper printed one piece of the puzzle for readers to cut out and save. On day five, the first 50 readers to complete the puzzle and go to the local kitchen store would get a brand new pressure cooker. Soon enough, word spread about the pressure cooker giveaway and the village people started picking up Amare’s newspaper every morning to get their puzzle piece. By the end of the campaign, hundreds of people lined up at the kitchen store to redeem their new pressure cooker reward. The store owner was ecstatic!

With these types of loyalty-based campaigns, Amare eventually became the largest newspaper in the region...

The story of Amare inspired us to “Rethink Advertising” for the digital age.

Here is ADfits’ Manifesto:

  1. We believe in empowering People with REAL advertising value.
  2. We believe in enabling Publishers to earn MORE revenue through loyalty.
  3. We believe in delivering quantifiable ROI on a Brand’s media spend.
  4. We believe in building a Loyalty Marketplace focused on beliefs 1 to 3, forming a 'Golden Triangle'.
  5. We believe in pioneering new business models outside the current ad tech eco-system.
  6. We believe in performance-based results where shared success is true success.


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